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Rob Boyle - Site Owner and Lead Author, Emission Index

I'm Rob, and I built Emission Index to share data, trends and ideas to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

As a seasoned writer with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and energy sectors, I am committed to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

I am passionate about data science, as well as researching and writing about the energy transition and the environmental challenges we face.  

Meet the Team

M. MAHAD MALIK is pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical power engineering and has a master’s in electrical power engineering.

He is an energy analyst and technical analyst for smart grids. His research interests include smart grids, power system modeling, power system planning, integration of RES, microgrids, and computational coding in energy systems.

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With nearly a decade of rich experience under his belt, José ventured through the pharmaceutical industry for 2 years, delved deep into the construction sector for almost 5, and consulted for the food and beverage sectors for another 2 years. His educational journey consists of a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, a diploma in Finance, and a Master's in Environmental Engineering. But what truly drives him? His insatiable thirst for knowledge. A passionate researcher, José reads over 40+ pages daily, distilling complex information for the general public.

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Dr Samah Hashim is a solar energy teacher and researcher. She enjoys learning about solar energy and sharing knowledge with others by writing articles and making YouTube videos beside her job as an assistant professor.

She has a PhD in Solar Energy Efficiency and an MSc in Electrical Engineering.

For more about Dr Hashim, please visit her LinkedIn profile

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Dr. Muhammad Sharif holds a Ph.D. in Soil and Environmental Sciences and has over 20 years of experience in areas such as sustainable land use, judicious application of agrochemicals, heavy metals monitoring and management, and climate change adaptation. He has successfully secured and completed numerous research grants funded by organisations like USAID, PARC, and PARB. Dr. Sharif has also published articles in high-impact journals and supervised Ph.D. and MS research students.

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Dejan Ivic, PhD from University of Belgrade, specialises in electric networks, smart grids, renewable energy, and PLC & SCADA in power systems

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Ben Hardman is a professional writer and the creator of sustainable living website, Tiny Eco Home Life. Away from the laptop, Ben loves spending time in the natural environment with his young family and Murphy the cocker spaniel.

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Protect the environment for future generations

Improve air and water quality

Encourage sustainable lifestyles

An animated earth is weary and wore down by climate change

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