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Jose Antonio Barba Gomez

Sustainability Specialist & Consultant
Circular Economy
Environment Research
Sustainable Development
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
Environmental Consulting

José is dedicated to both personal and professional growth. His journey has always centred around the sustainable development of our planet. His mission? To educate the masses with simplified strategies to reduce environmental impact, advocate for a greener Earth, and ensure the basic needs, particularly of those from marginalised communities, are met in terms of energy, water, food, and housing.

With nearly a decade of rich experience under his belt, José ventured through the pharmaceutical industry for 2 years, delved deep into the construction sector for almost 5, and consulted for the food and beverage sectors for another 2 years. His educational journey consists of a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, a diploma in Finance, and a Master's in Environmental Engineering. But what truly drives him? His insatiable thirst for knowledge. A passionate researcher, José reads over 40+ pages daily, distilling complex information for the general public.

When his work is done, José often cherishes moments with his wife and daughter, sweats it out on the tennis court, rejuvenates in the sauna, or pushes his limits with a good workout.

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