Concerned About Emissions and The Climate Crisis?

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Emission Index is a media platform dedicated to reducing emissions and advocating for sustainable living.

Our mission is to enlighten and empower individuals and businesses to proactively combat climate change.

We provide educational content, actionable data, tips and guidance on how we can collectively lower our carbon footprint.

Our Goals
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Protect the environment for future generations
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Improve air and water quality
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Encourage sustainable lifestyles

Providing a wealth of information on climate change and sustainable living
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What areas are you interested in learning about?

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Greenhouse Gas
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The Energy
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Our Carbon
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Corporate Net
Zero Goals?

Articles about Climate Change and Reducing Emissions

Learn about sustainability trends and data, including tracking emissions from different sectors and understanding the drivers of climate change.

Featured Article
Guide to Renewable Energy’s Role in Reducing Emissions‍

Get to know renewable energy, the key player in our fight against harmful greenhouse gases.

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Featured Article
What are Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. Emission reduction is crucial to fighting climate change.

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Featured Article
When the Last Tree Falls: The Domino Effect of Deforestation

Our planet is at risk. Discover how deforestation alters biodiversity, climate, and local economies worldwide.

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Featured Article
Carbon Finance: A Path to Sustainable Climate Action

Carbon finance is a financial tool meant to inspire and improve carbon discount and development that is climate resilient.

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Understanding Climate Change
What is Cloud Seeding? Thumbnail Image
What is Cloud Seeding?

Cloud seeding aims to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds. Discover how it works, the potential benefits and risks associated with this weather modification technique.

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Climate Policy
Location-based vs Market-based Emissions Thumbnail Image
Location-based vs Market-based Emissions (What’s the Difference?)

Curious about the differences in emission calculation methods? This article explains the nuances between location-based and market-based emissions, shedding light on their environmental implications.

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Understanding Climate Change
The Urban Heat Island Effect Thumbnail Image
Urban Heat Island Effect: How Cities are Getting Hotter

Discover how the urban heat island effect contributes to increased temperatures in cities and its effects on energy consumption and public health.

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Understanding Climate Change
11 Arguments Against Climate Change (And How to Debunk Them With Evidence) Thumbnail Image
11 Arguments Against Climate Change (And How to Debunk Them With Evidence)

Don’t let sceptics and deniers sway you – arm yourself with knowledge on how to respond to arguments against climate change.

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Carbon Footprint
least sustainable meat thumbnail
What Is the Least Sustainable Meat?

Concerned about the environmental impact of your diet? Learn which meat is the least sustainable and how you can make more eco-friendly choices.

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best indoor air quality monitor thumbnail
The 7 Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors (Breathe Easy in Your Own Home)

Looking for the best indoor air quality monitors to keep your home safe and healthy? Check out our top picks and find the perfect option for your needs.

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deforestation photosynthesis thumbnail
How Does Deforestation Affect Photosynthesis?

Deforestation has a direct impact on photosynthesis as trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Learn more about the effects of deforestation on photosynthesis here!

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Carbon Footprint
eating meat thumbnail hlo1uj
Is Eating Meat Bad for the Environment? (Climate Crisis Cuisine)

Uncovering the environmental impact of meat consumption. Are we eating too much beef, lamb and poultry? In short, yes and it contributes to climate change.

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Energy Transition
smart grid thumbnail cu5rbj
Your Energy, But Smarter: Intro to Smart Grids

Learn the ins and outs of smart grids, from distributed generation to smart meters, and how they’re reshaping energy consumption and infrastructure.

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Which countries emit the most CO2 and greenhouse gases?

We have data on the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane emitted by each nation
Find emissions data about your country

Who are the largest emitters by volume?

The most populous countries tend to have the largest environmental impact.

The top three are China, The United States and India.

You can find out more stats about the largest emitters per capita on our blog

Who are the largest emitters per capita?

The biggest emitters per citizen tend to be from nations with fossil fuel led economies or high levels of deforestation.

The top three emitters per citizen are The Solomon Islands, Qatar and Kuwait.

You can find out more stats about emissions per capita on our blog

Meet the site owner

Rob Boyle - Site Owner and Lead Author, Emission Index

I’m Rob, and I built Emission Index to share data, trends and ideas to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

As a seasoned writer with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and energy sectors, I am committed to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

I am passionate about data science, as well as researching and writing about the energy transition and the environmental challenges we face.