Concerned About Emissions and The Climate Crisis?

An animated earth is weary and wore down by climate change

🌱 Want to make a positive impact on the planet?

Emission Index provides actionable data, tips and guidance on how we can lower our carbon footprint 🌍

We are sleepwalking into a climate emergency. You Can MAke a Difference!

Welcome to Emission Index. A website dedicated to reducing emissions!

Our goal is to raise awareness about the urgent need to combat climate change and provide practical advice on how individuals can make a difference.

Our goals

Protect the environment for future generations

Improve air and water quality

Encourage sustainable lifestyles

Tips to Reduce Emissions

Reducing emissions can protect ecosystems and create a livable future for ourselves and future generations

Providing a wealth of information on climate change and sustainable living.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Actionable tips and strategies for reducing emissions

Climate Change Data

Understanding the science and climate trends

Eco-Friendly Purchases

Eco-friendly products and services to help you live sustainably

News, Trends and Policy

Updates on the latest environmental news and trends.

Understanding CLIMATE CHANGE

Learn about trends and data, including tracking emissions from different sectors and understanding the drivers of emissions

Impact of Emissions

Discover how human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and agriculture, release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

Renewable Energy

The energy transition can help us decarbonise and reduce emissions while addressing energy security

Climate policy

Global and domestic policy initiatives, such as the Paris Agreement are reducing emissions and promoting sustainable development.

Which countries emit the most CO2 and greenhouse gases?

We have data on the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane emitted by each nation

Find emissions data about your country

Meet the site owner

Rob Boyle - Site Owner and Lead Author, Emission Index

I'm Rob, and I built Emission Index to share data, trends and ideas to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

As a seasoned writer with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and energy sectors, I am committed to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

I am passionate about data science, as well as researching and writing about the energy transition and the environmental challenges we face.  

Got any questions? Drop me a line...

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