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Dr Muhammad Sharif

Environmental Scientist
Environmental Science
Greenhouse Gases
Soil Management
Climate Change

Dr. Muhammad Sharif is a distinguished expert in the field of Soil and Environmental Sciences, boasting over two decades of dedicated research and practical experience. Holding a Ph.D. in his discipline, Dr. Sharif has a comprehensive understanding of sustainable land use, judicious use of agrochemicals, heavy metals monitoring and soil management, as well as water conservation techniques. His research interests also extend to monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and developing strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Dr. Sharif's portfolio is replete with successful grant applications, having secured and completed research projects funded by esteemed organisations such as USAID, the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), and the Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB). His work has been recognised both nationally and internationally, evidenced by his publications in world-renowned, high-impact journals.

An adept research supervisor, Dr. Sharif has guided several Ph.D. and MS research students to successful completion of their studies. He takes great pride in fostering the next generation of environmental scientists, sharing his wealth of knowledge and insights with emerging scholars in the field.

Beyond his academic and research pursuits, Dr. Sharif is actively involved in technical writing related to environmental sustainability and natural resources management. He also offers consultancy services on topics within his areas of expertise, including economic sustainability.

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