Best Plantable Pencils 2024: Eco-Friendly Writing with Minimal Waste 
Say goodbye to traditional pencils and hello to plantable pencils! Explore our top picks for the best eco-friendly writing tools for 2024.
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Best Plantable Pencils 2024: Eco-Friendly Writing with Minimal Waste 
Say goodbye to traditional pencils and hello to plantable pencils! Explore our top picks for the best eco-friendly writing tools for 2024.
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Best Plantable Pencils 2024: Eco-Friendly Writing with Minimal Waste 
Say goodbye to traditional pencils and hello to plantable pencils! Explore our top picks for the best eco-friendly writing tools for 2024.
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Plantable pencils are a novel and eco-friendly take on traditional writing tools. They give a second life to something that would otherwise be discarded.

Once a pencil with seeds is too short to hold, it can be planted to sprout beautiful flowers, herbs or even vegetables.

They provide a greener option for consumers with a sustainable mindset and offer an educational experience about the lifecycle of plants.

Bite-sized insights

  • Eco-friendly plantable seed pencils are made using sustainable production techniques. They encourage minimal waste as they can be planted after use.
  • The circular design production process includes embedding a biodegradable seed capsule at one end of the eco-friendly pencil.
  • Plantable pencils can be as effective as traditional planting methods, but their success depends on proper care and suitable environmental conditions.

Best plantable seed pencils

We’ve gathered our favourite plantable pencils. Each pack of pencils in our list is a tool for jotting down thoughts and a symbol of sustainability that can turn into a lovely plant after use.

Sprout plantable pencils

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  • Inspirational quotes spark joy
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly design
  • Easy to plant with a variety of seeds


  • Seed capsules can be fragile
  • Limited use as pencils shorten
  • Plant seed growth is not guaranteed

Upon the first scribble, the graphite glides smoothly over the paper. The comforting grasp of the wood reminds us of the deep connection with nature ingrained in this product.

Graced with heartwarming quotes, each seeded pencil is a quaint motivator during our daily tasks.

Transitioning from writing to planting brings an element of excitement. The simplicity of inverting the stub and nestling it into the soil symbolises hope for new growth.

It’s a wait filled with anticipation, daydreaming of the popular herbs, flowers or vegetables that may sprout.

Despite the charm, we’ve noticed that the seed capsule might detach without being careful.

As we use them, the pencils dwindle, subtly reminding us of the finite nature of resources, a subtle nudge to appreciate the moment. And while the idea of a green thumb lures us in, the seeds’ journey to blossom is subject to the whims of nature’s will.

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SproutWorld plantable pencils (best for bulk orders)



  • Seeds included for growing delicious herbs and fragrant flowers
  • Encourages eco-friendly practices
  • Ideal for education and corporate gifts


  • Higher price compared to regular pencils
  • Limited writing lifespan before planting
  • Seed germination is not guaranteed

These SproutWorld pencils have changed the way we think about stationery. Picture yourself jotting down notes, and instead of tossing the stub away, you plant it to grow sage or basil.

The scent of fragrant herbs can make any room feel like a garden—certainly a novel concept for a pencil.

In the classroom, they could be a fantastic teaching aid. Our children’s faces lit up at the idea of growing a plant from their pencils. It’s not just about writing; it’s also about teaching responsibility and caring for the environment.

However, these might not be the best pick if you seek longevity in your writing tools. After a few months of use, you’re left with a seed capsule rather than a pencil. And while the concept of them blooming is enticing, seeds may not always sprout, leaving you with a sense of missed potential.

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Sprout everyday earth pencils



  • Seeds included for planting after use
  • Encourages eco-friendly lifestyles
  • Inspirational messages for daily motivation


  • May not suit those preferring traditional pencils
  • Seed germination is not guaranteed
  • Limited to six different plant types

Pulling a Sprout pencil from our desk caddy, we’re met with a sense of purpose, knowing that once it has served its writing duties, it’ll be given a second life in our garden.

The pencil feels comfortable between our fingers, the familiar weight nudging us to jot down notes or sketch an idle thought.

Planting the stub of the pencil post-use adds a green twist to our daily routine. It’s an enjoyable novelty watching to see if the seeds of thyme or basil sprout from the once graphite-filled holder. The engagement goes beyond writing; it’s an entire experience.

We take pride in these pencils, knowing that using them makes a small yet meaningful impact on our immediate environment and our broader community.

These Sprout pencils seamlessly blend the act of writing with environmentally conscious practice, reinforcing our green ideals with every stroke of the pencil.

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Greenica Dreams eco pencils


  • 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Provides a comfortable grip and is easy to sharpen
  • Doubles as a creative gift idea


  • Limited plant variety in the seed mix
  • May have additional customs charges on international orders

These eco pencils ensure a guilt-free drawing and writing experience, as they are crafted entirely from recycled materials.

Upon exhausting the lead, one can experience the joy of planting the stub, which contains seeds. It’s truly a product that keeps on giving.

Drawing with these pencils is pleasant, thanks to their fine point and comfortable grip. They’re also a cinch to sharpen, which is excellent for uninterrupted creative sessions.

However, a few drawbacks were noticed. The variety of plants that sprout from these pencils could be better. An assortment is provided, but it’s mostly limited to three or four types of plants.

The added customs fee and potential delivery delays are something to keep in mind if buying internationally.

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Buying guide

Whether you are looking for an eco-conscious choice for pencil cases or an excellent gift for friends on special occasions, there are a few buying considerations.

Seed type and quality

We look for plantable seed pencils that come with a variety of options, such as flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Here’s what to focus on:

  • Quality: Ensure seeds have a high germination rate.
  • Variety: Diverse options can cater to different preferences and climates.


The sustainability of materials is critical. Here’s a table for a quick comparison:

Cedar WoodYesHigh
Recycled PaperYesMedium

Writing experience

It’s not just about what happens after the pencil is too short. Consider:

  • Lead Quality: Test for a smooth writing experience without breakage.
  • Comfort: Pencils should feel good in your hand for extended use.

Environmental impact

We’re conscious about our planet. Here are some features to look for:

  • Recyclable Packaging: Opt for pencils packaged in eco-friendly materials.
  • Certifications: Trust pencils with recognised environmental certifications.

Price and quantity

We balance our budget with our needs. Consider the following points:

  • Price per Pencil: Calculate the cost to determine value for money.
  • Pack Size: Larger packs can offer savings over time.

By looking at these factors, we can pick plantable pencils that are eco-friendly and a joy to use. Remember, every pencil planted is a step towards a greener earth. Let’s make it count!

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