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Emission Index is a media platform dedicated to reducing emissions and advocating for sustainable living.

Our mission is to enlighten and empower individuals and businesses to proactively combat climate change.

We provide educational content, actionable data, tips and guidance on how we can collectively lower our carbon footprint.

Our Goals
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Protect the environment for future generations
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Improve air and water quality
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Encourage sustainable lifestyles

Providing a wealth of information on climate change and sustainable living
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Greenhouse Gas
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The Energy
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Our Carbon
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Corporate Net
Zero Goals?

Articles about Climate Change and Reducing Emissions

Learn about sustainability trends and data, including tracking emissions from different sectors and understanding the drivers of climate change.

Featured Article
Guide to Renewable Energy’s Role in Reducing Emissions‍

Get to know renewable energy, the key player in our fight against harmful greenhouse gases.

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Featured Article
What are Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. Emission reduction is crucial to fighting climate change.

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Featured Article
When the Last Tree Falls: The Domino Effect of Deforestation

Our planet is at risk. Discover how deforestation alters biodiversity, climate, and local economies worldwide.

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Featured Article
Carbon Finance: A Path to Sustainable Climate Action

Carbon finance is a financial tool meant to inspire and improve carbon discount and development that is climate resilient.

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Best Plantable Pencils 2024: Eco-Friendly Writing with Minimal Waste 

Make a positive impact on the environment with the best plantable pencils of 2024! Discover pencils that can be planted after use to grow into beautiful plants.

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The Ethics of Deforestation: Exploring the Moral Implications

Exploring the ethics of deforestation. Discover the complex ethical issues surrounding land clearance and how it affects the environment and society. 

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What Are the Benefits of Deforestation?

Despite its negative reputation, deforestation can actually have some benefits, such as…

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25 Animals Affected By Deforestation

How is deforestation affecting animals? Learn how removing trees threatens wildlife and entire ecosystems. From habitat loss to climate change.

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Best Hydroponic Seeds: Top Picks for Your Indoor Garden

Looking for the best hydroponic seeds to grow your own indoor garden? Check out our top picks for high-quality seeds that are perfect for hydroponic systems.

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Best Hydroponic Planters for Effortless Indoor Gardening in 2024

When considering the best hydroponic planter for one’s needs, there are a few key features to look out for. The size of the…

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Slash and Burn Agriculture  | Definition, Techniques and Impact

Slash and burn agriculture is a traditional farming method that involves cutting down and burning forests to create arable land. Learn more about this practice here.

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Best Tools to Plant Trees: Essential Gear for Arborists in 2024

Looking to plant some trees? Check out our list of the best tools for tree planting to help make the process easier and more efficient.

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The Devastating Impact of Deforestation on Watershed Management

Deforestation impacts watersheds by disrupting the natural water cycle, leading to a cascade of environmental problems. It affects everything from soil structure and water quality to biodiversity and climate regulation.

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Which countries emit the most CO2 and greenhouse gases?

We have data on the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane emitted by each nation
Find emissions data about your country

Who are the largest emitters by volume?

The most populous countries tend to have the largest environmental impact.

The top three are China, The United States and India.

You can find out more stats about the largest emitters per capita on our blog

Who are the largest emitters per capita?

The biggest emitters per citizen tend to be from nations with fossil fuel led economies or high levels of deforestation.

The top three emitters per citizen are The Solomon Islands, Qatar and Kuwait.

You can find out more stats about emissions per capita on our blog

Meet the site owner

Rob Boyle - Site Owner and Lead Author, Emission Index

I’m Rob, and I built Emission Index to share data, trends and ideas to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

As a seasoned writer with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and energy sectors, I am committed to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

I am passionate about data science, as well as researching and writing about the energy transition and the environmental challenges we face.